KMBI facilitates 1st KILOS/AFP Scholars’ Fellowship

Despite the heavy rain, KMBI facilitated the first ever fellowship of its KILOS /AFP Scholars on July 22, 2012 at the KMBI West Avenue Extension Office.

11 KILOS and 5 AFP scholars, together with their parents, joined KMBI’s CEO, Eduardo Jimenez and some head office staff as they partake on the day-filled with fun, getting to know activities and sharing sessions. Mary Joyce Madla, one of the KILOS scholars, who graduated this 2012 reminded everyone to “Always be at your best in everything that you do. There would be times when you’d get low scores in your quizzes or exams; but don’t give up because it’s just a challenge for you to grow and to learn more.


It wasn’t just the scholars and parents who shared their experiences and learnings; Eduardo Jimenez, KMBI CEO, also shared his life story about struggling through college and the lessons he learned “God is at work in your life and He will work in your life if you believe in Him.

Currently, there are 8 students from KMBI who have graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree through the help of the Gordon and Helen Smith Foundation and APPEND Network.

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