Background Standing (L-R): Mr. Sergio G. Edeza, Trustee; Eduardo C. Jimenez, President and Vice-Chairman; Mr. Edgardo F. Garcia; Mr. Lemuel David A. Salmo, Trustee, Dr. Rodolfo P. Estigoy, Trustee; Atty. Romel R. Bagares, Corporate Secretary. Foreground Sitting (L-R): Ms. Mila M. Bunker, Trustee; David D. Gutierrez, Chairman and Vice-President, Dr. Virginia P. Juan, Trustee

Corporate Members of KMBI, once again, gathered for the Annual General Membership (AGM) Meeting at the KMBI Head Office in Valenzuela City last February 24, 2018. Elections of the Board of Trustees also took place during the AGM. Mr. David D. Gutierrez remains the Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Eduardo C. Jimenez as the President.

There has been no change in the roster of the Board of Trustees, which therefore continues to be as follows: Corporate Secretary, Atty. Romel R. Bagares; Corporate Treasurer, Mr. Edgardo F. Garcia; and Trustees Ms. Mila M. Bunker; Dr. Virginia P. Juan; Mr. Sergio G. Edeza; Dr. Rodolfo P. Estigoy; and Mr. Lemuel David A. Salmo. Corporate Members were also present during the AGM: Mr. Sebastian Quiniones, Mr. Kak Sin Koo, Bishop Jose D. Dalino, and Mrs. Lydia Malot.

It is KMBI’s intention to admit as corporate members in the next three years, one representative each from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao from our Program Members. This is KMBI’s small nod to the principles of democratization, participation and empowerment for our Program Members. While they may not be nominated nor elected into the Board of Trustees because of obvious conflict of interest in having them sit in the Board, this is an important step towards giving them a voice in the Corporation. In due time, they may also be asked to sit as non-voting members of the various permanent and standing committees of the Board.

Furthermore, the Chairman and President lauded the hard work of everyone in bringing the organization’s vision into action. “We are grateful to the men and women of KMBI who have been serving faithfully through the years, to foster KMBI as a ministry of God, discerning His path for this Microfinance NGO and for the strength and grace, and in many ways to achieve the success KMBI has today.” the report added.

Pursuant to the Corporate Code and By-Laws of KMBI, the AGM is being held every fourth Saturday of February each year for the purpose of informing the Corporate Members the accomplishments and financial position of the organization, and electing new set of Board of Trustees.

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