This 2017, it is good to re-assess our SHAPE:

S - Strength

Are you aware of your abilities? What exactly are you good at? How can you share your strengths to the ministry?

H - Heart

What is your passion? Do you love what you’re doing? Guard your heart with diligence. Ensure that it is in tune with God's heart.

A - Attitude

Are you a team player? Do you think positively? Or are you a nega star? Do you work with humility? Or are you a star performer with attitude problems?

P - Personality

Are you introvert/extrovert? Are you choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, or melancholic? Find out because it would help you cope with your colleagues or with the tasks at hand. Think beyond the box!

E - Experiences

We are all products of various experiences. We should take into account the past experiences of other people to deeply understand the reason why they behave in certain ways.