The Asian Theological Seminary (ATS), in partnership with KMBI, conducted a lecture entitled “The Integration of Faith, Scholarship and Life: A Reformational Perspective” last June 27, 2019 held at ATS, Quezon City.

Dr. Yong John Choi from Handong Global University, South Korea discussed the models of scholarship and faith. Joining the seminar were Dr.Tim Gener, ATS Chancellor; KMBI General Counsel and Data Privacy Officer, Atty. Romel Bagares; and KMBI Chairman, Mr. David D. Guitierrez. Other institutions also participated in the lecture including REACH Discipleship Ministries Inc. and Pinoy Ako Insurance Services (PAIS), Inc..

The free public lecture is a promotional activity for a new elective course on Christianity, Politics, and Society that will be offered by the Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) this August under a visiting sponsorship supported by KMBI.

The lecture signals the beginning of future endeavors towards the application of the different aspects of Integral Transformation in the workplace and in the communities, being served by Christian development organizations such as KMBI.