It is with deep sorrow and full faith in the Almighty that KMBI announces the passing of Mr. David D. Gutierrez. Mr. Gutierrez had served as the organization’s Chairman, and was recently involved in the leadership as Corporate Treasurer.

He will be remembered by KMBI as a father, a leader, a man of great faith, and a cherished Kabalikat to our staff and Program Members.

His faithful servitude to the Lord through his selfless leadership and tireless work for the betterment of the lives of countless Filipinos will serve as a cornerstone and inspiration for all of us at KMBI to press forward and continue the realization of our vision, which is “to see people in communities live in abundance with strengthened faith in God, and in right relationship with their fellowmen and the rest of creation.”

We enjoin everyone in prayers for Mr. Gutierrez’ bereaved wife, their children and grandchildren, that the love and comfort of our Lord may pour upon them in this time of grief.