KMBI Bags Recognition in 1st Digital Financial Inclusion Awards

KMBI was recognized as one of the 4 awardees of Digital Champions – MFI Category during the 1st Digital Financial Inclusion Awards (DFIA), a financial inclusion initiative funded by Citi Foundation in partnership with the Microfinance Council of the Philippines.

Held virtually last December 6, 2022, the DFIA honors KMBI’s efforts in adopting and implementing digital technologies in its operations to better serve its Program Members during these changing times.

KMBI’s in-house system, the Dynamic Unified Network and Management Information System or DUNAMIS, paved a way for KMBI to accelerate the digitalization of its systems. DUNAMIS transformed the process of daily banking transactions and financial records through automation.

KMBI continued its journey towards digitalization through a partnership with the International Labor Organization (ILO). This collaboration produced a digital payment and financial services platform via DigiPay, which allowed client / merchant-agents to carry out payments, remittances and e-loading services.

Milagros Francisco, KMBI Program Member, navigates through the DigiPay app to learn the processes of using the app to facilitate online transactions.

KMBI’s most recent move towards digitalization is the automated collection system in partnership with UBx to help in lowering transaction costs and streamlining the payment process for the Program Members.

A UBx representative guides a KMBI Program Member in San Jose Del Monte through the basics of using the BUx online payment platform.

This move allowed KMBI to reap the positive impact of digitalization on KMBI’s staff and operations. In an interview, Deputy Executive Director for Transformational Development and Training Group (TDTG), Ms. Hazel Christine R. Bayaca shared how KMBI’s digitalization efforts paid off in a lot of ways.

Deputy Executive Director for TDTG, Ms. Hazel Christine R. Bayaca, shares a message to KMBI Program Members during the UBx Kickoff at KMBI San Jose del Monte Branch. She highlights the convenience of being able to transact with KMBI through alternative payment channels.

“First of all, we were able to observe an increase of daily collections, around 15-20% since we started our digital financial services. We have also observed the lowering of printing costs and courier costs, which is about 2-3 milion [Pesos] in a year. Our staff felt ease and experienced lesser time doing their reports and processing records,” Ms. Bayaca said.

The digital financial services has also been helping KMBI’s clients in a lot of aspects. “First, this has helped decrease their transaction costs. Secondly, it has given them convenience and security because they don’t have to go physically to the banks. And thirdly, [it provided] safety from the possibility of getting infected by the virus along the way and in handling physical money,” she added.

Apart from the financial advantages as a result of digitalization, KMBI’s digital financial inclusion efforts have also empowered clients to learn digital skills which they in turn will use to empower their families and communities.

As an awardee, KMBI will receive a cash prize which will be used to further strengthen the organization’s digital financial services.

The DFIA is a program that aims to strengthen financial inclusion in the Philippines through digitalization of the microfinance sector. This event is supported by Citi Group and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

KMBI Grows in Faith on Its 36th Anniversary Celebration

KMBI celebrated 36 years of God’s faithfulness in serving the poor last Friday, November 25, 2022. With the theme, “Faith Grows at KMBI”, the celebration tackled the present issue of hunger and how it impacts the world after the economic crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On top of world hunger, the celebration also probed into the topic of spiritual hunger, emphasizing the significance of faith amidst the troubles that the world is facing. Ms. Victoria Esperanza (Perry) Z. Cartera, KMBI Trustee who also serves as the General Secretary of the Philippine Bible Society, expounded on this theme by discussing ways by which people can remain spiritually fed. She stressed the importance of continually reading, meditating on, and obeying God’s Word.

KMBI Trustee, Ms. Perry Cartera, talks about spiritual hunger and how it can be remedied with consistent exposure to God's Word. Photo courtesy: Kenneth David, Blesilda Visaya

One of the highlights of the activity is the kickoff of organization-wide urban gardening efforts, which aims to encourage staff to initiate organic food production in their homes or at the office. It also aims to promote food security within their communities by making food source more accessible and available. This affirms KMBI’s commitment to join the fight against world hunger and poverty.

In partnership with the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI), KMBI spearheaded its urban gardening efforts at the KMBI Panay Office in Quezon City. The BPI donated seeds and plants to KMBI and conducted a seminar on Basic Urban Gardening last November 21, which was echoed virtually to all staff nationwide during the celebration on November 25.

Left: BPI representative Mr. Federico Merlan demonstrates the basics of urban gardening. Right: Seedlings provided by the BPI sprout from the tray. Photo courtesy: Blesilda Visaya

KMBI branches also conducted local urban gardening activities within their respective localities. Branch staff purchased seeds and sought ideal locations to grow food-producing plants.

Left: Program Members from KMBI Talisay Branch receive food-producing plants. Right: Staff from KMBI Talisay Branch start their urban gardening efforts by planting seeds.Photo courtesy: Jenelyn Garrido

This year, KMBI launched Talentadong Sentro, a multi-talent contest for KMBI Program Members which revolved around the theme, “Faith Grows at KMBI”. Participants recorded videos of themselves showcasing their broad range of talents—from grooving to various hits to performing interpretative dance and inspiring skits.

Left: Contestants from Kalibo perform their Talentadong Sentro dance entry atop a scenic hill. Right: Contestants from Bacolod portray the daily life of a KMBI Program Member through a short dramatization. Video courtesy: entries from Kalibo A219 and Bacolod B107.

KMBI’s monthly photo contest, KMBI Photo of the Month, picked three (3) winners who drew inspiration from greens and alluded their image to their interpretation of the word “growth.”

Left: A sizable tree stands out from among the greens. Photo courtesy: Jaynoh Caballero, Midsayap Branch. Middle: Farmers form a line as they plant rice together. Photo courtesy: Jelwin Castor, San Francisco Branch. Right: A lone seedling sprouts from the soil. Photo courtesy: Lianne Yveth Tonio, Biñan Branch.

This year’s anniversary celebration shows KMBI’s commitment to help eliminate hunger and establish hunger-proof households and communities.

KMBI Kicks Off New Digital Payment Service with UBx Philippines

KMBI-UBx kickoff orientation

KMBI, in partnership with UBx, a financial technology venture studio under Unionbank Philippines, introduced a faster and more convenient way to pay loans with KMBI during the kick-off orientation on digital payments last June 10, 2022, at KMBI San Jose del Monte branch.

This partnership is a big step forward that will soon enable Program Members to pay their loans via different remittance channels, such as over-the-counter payment, online wallet, and bank transfer. This will reduce the need for Program Members to travel and deposit loan repayments.

Gracing the kick-off event were KMBI President, Mr Eduardo C. Jimenez; Deputy Executive Director for Transformational Development and Training Group, Ms. Hazel Christine R. Bayaca; UBx Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Irissa Yacat; UBx Managing Director, Mr. Jaime Garchitorena, and key representatives from UBx Philippines.

This digital payment service is available in select KMBI branches nationwide. Stay tuned for more updates on expanded availability in other branches in the future.

KMBI Releases 2021 Integrated Annual and Sustainability Report

KMBI has released its 2021 Integrated Annual and Sustainability Report. The report contains the highlights and milestones of KMBI in its 35th year of service. Previous annual reports of KMBI can be found in this link: