KMBI Introduces Newly Elected Board of Trustees for 2022

KMBI announces the new set of Board of Trustees for 2022 as elected during the Annual General Membership (AGM) Meeting held virtually last February 26, 2022.

This year’s AGM resulted in movements in leadership: Mr. Sergio G. Edeza now serves as Chairman of the Board, Ms. Jeanette Ng-Lim as Vice-Chairman, Mr. Edgardo F. Garcia as Corporate Secretary, and Mr. David D. Gutierrez as Corporate Treasurer.

Mr. Eduardo C. Jimenez remains as KMBI President. Meanwhile, Mr. Lemuel David A. Salmo and Dr. Rodolfo P. Estigoy continue to serve as Trustees. The Board also welcomes Ms. Mila M. Bunker as a returning Trustee.

One new addition to the leadership is Ms. Victoria Esperanza “Perry” Z. Cartera, General Secretary of the Philippine Bible Society, serving the organization as a Trustee. Ms. Cartera also serves in the Boards of Executive Communities: Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, Resources for the Blind, Translators Association of the Philippines, and One Hope Philippines.

KMBI holds the AGM annually pursuant to KMBI’s By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation. The assembly gives an opportunity for KMBI leaders to evaluate the organization’s fiscal health, address organizational concerns, and vote on additions or changes in the leadership composition.

KMBI Leaders and Officers Convene for 2022 Virtual General Assembly

Nearly two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, KMBI has fully embraced the transition to digital workplace and conferences. In its second year, the organization held the 2022 virtual General Assembly last January 19, kicking off the year with the launching of KMBI’s five-year business plan entitled, “ARISE KMBI! Journey to 40 and Beyond”.

Held via Microsoft Teams, the assembly was attended by 161 participants composed of directors, managers, and officers from the KMBI Head Office and branches nationwide. Present also during the event were KMBI Chairman, Mr. David D. Gutierrez, KMBI President, Mr. Eduardo C. Jimenez; Vice-Chair, Mr. Sergio G. Edeza, and Trustees Dr. Rodolfo P. Estigoy and Ms. Aneth Ng-Lim.

The assembly was packed with reinforcements on new policies and processes, as well as the introduction of KMBI’s new strategic directions derived from the individual letters of “ARISE”. Alongside this was the rollout of KMBI’s fresh visual theme in line with the new business plan.

Another highlight of the event was the discussion on collection efficiency, facilitated by the Training and Advanced Education Department. Three branch managers from the Credit Operations Group shared their best practices on how to handle collections despite the challenges posed by the present health and economic crisis. Insights on increasing collection efficiency included establishing good customer relations, embracing technological trends, and empowering staff through empathy and transparent communication.

An open forum was also held to discuss organizational updates and provide a platform to address any concerns with regard to operations. The last part of the event was the commitment setting in which KMBI leaders expressed their dedication in working together to achieve the organization’s goals and fulfill its vision and mission.

KMBI Celebrates 35th Year of Serving The Poor

On its 35th year, KMBI handed out 35 tablets to Program Members through nomination of Regional Directors and via an online giveaway on KMBI’s official Facebook page, to aid deserving KMBI Program Members in their online business and their children’s schooling needs.

This was part of KMBI’s weeklong celebration of its 35th anniversary which started on November 22, 2021. Selected KMBI staff were invited to join a Kapihan session/meet-and-greet with the KMBI President, Mr. Eduardo C. Jimenez. It served as a platform for participants to discuss issues and concerns with the head of the organization, with the aim of instilling transparency, open communication and unity among staff.

Leading tomorrow’s workplace with a positive outlook

KMBI 2021 Leadership Conference

Coinciding with the anniversary celebration is the first virtual conduct of KMBI Leadership Conference, a biennial meet of all KMBI staff. The four-day event, with the theme “TURN IT UP: Let’s lead tomorrow’s workplace today!” focused on the damaging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of staff, and how these can be overturned in order to acclimatize to the new normal workplace.

The conference prepared 12 pre-event breakout sessions with topics of diverse interests where participants were given opportunity to learn new hobbies and commune with others who share similar interests, thus establishing strong social support with one another, which is crucial during these times.

Highlights of the event included plenary talks from Ms. Perry Cartera, General Secretary of Philippine Bible Society, who discussed the essence of “Valuing lessons learned amidst the pandemic for personal growth”; Mr. David D. Gutierrez, KMBI Chairman, on “Building a culture of organizational empathy for team productivity and innovation”; and Mr. Eduardo C. Jimenez, KMBI President, with insights on “Stimulating our faith muscles as the DNA for our organizational growth”.

The conference also featured personal accounts from KMBI staff who had gone through devastating experiences during the height of the pandemic, and how their faith in the Almighty had enabled them to come out stronger and recover from the heartaches caused by the current situation.

A payback to communities

A bakal bote collector in Quezon City being handed a food pack and COVID-19 care kit

The weeklong celebration concluded with an outreach activity held last November 27. KMBI Head Office staff partnered with KMBI Development Foundation, Inc., For His Glory Multipurpose Cooperative, and Martha’s Hot Kitchen to feed displaced families, street dwellers and ambulant “bakal bote” collectors in different areas in Quezon City.

Present during the activity were KMBI President, Mr. Eduardo C. Jimenez, and KMBI Trustee, Mr. Lemuel David A. Salmo, who oversaw the preparation and personally distributed the items to more than 600 recipients.

All KMBI branches nationwide also held coordinated outreach efforts by distributing KMBI CARE PACKs (Protection Against COVID-19 Kits) to chosen beneficiaries within their community.

KMBI Solano Branch reaching out to inmates of Solano District Jail

This year’s anniversary theme, “We Are Stronger Together, Kabalikat!” is a callback to the years leading up to the 35th year of KMBI as well as a testament of God’s mercy in keeping KMBI strong and united amidst the past and present challenges. It is a statement of confidence that the organization has renewed strength and unity to continue in the years to come.