Microfinance is all about giving access to financial services to low-income clients that are mostly self-employed women who would be otherwise excluded from the services of commercial banks.

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How does one solve poverty?
This question has been asked since time immemorial. It is one that is complex and difficult to answer.

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Change does not always have to start big. Sometimes they come in the most humble packages – a small child with a desire to share, a disabled person with a vision for growth, or a woman microentrepreneur who works unassumingly and tirelessly for her children’s future and to touch the lives of those around her. These women are the focus of KMBI’s development work. KMBI considers them key players of progress, of change. They may look ordinary, but actually, they help shape the economic, social, environmental, and spiritual landscape of a home, a community and a country. For this, KMBI provides for their holistic development.

As microentrepreneurs, they need the financial boost for the growth of their small businesses. So KMBI opens its doors to them through financial services that are often deprived from them by other financial institutions. Its microfinance program and entrepreneurial development services, which include general loan, capital build –up, microinsurance and growth-oriented training, assure them of a steady and sure access to their success.

As social beings, they need the support that only other women microentrepreneurs can give. This is why, in the organization’s program, a group of 30 to 40 women come together every week for encouragement and accountability, to build up their network and linkages, and to ease stresses out of their backs. You know these women; when they meet, it’s as if time stops and the world is theirs. They gather strength from each others’ experiences, they mutually guarantee each other’s loans, and from their circle, positive impact begins.

Their being mothers and friends is equally crucial because they have this unpretentious charisma that greatly influences the thought process and actions of those around them. Hence, above all, KMBI supports their spiritual growth for it believes that this is the foundation of their being genuinely transformed. Developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ keeps them rooted in his teachings which they apply in doing businesses, rearing their children, supporting their husbands, and even taking care of the environment.

Varying supports for the different roles these women play come in one bundle – holistic transformation, the heart of KMBI’s business. When these women’s lives are changed, their families also get influenced. When the positive effects are felt in the family, they will reflect this on their friends who will be affected also by this transformation and would likely want this to be the reality of their families, too. When communities change, then it is not too far away that this nation will be too.