Microfinance is all about giving access to financial services to low-income clients that are mostly self-employed women who would be otherwise excluded from the services of commercial banks. Traditionally, vendors in the market would borrow money from loan sharks that charge very high interest rates (20 % /month). KMBI provides a more reasonable alternative with loans given at an interest rate of 20% payable in six months.

Credit Products

Group Loan

The Group Loan program helps existing micro businesses in its expansion and development by providing loans and empowering women micro entrepreneurs with below Php50,000 additional capital requirement.

Individual Loan

The Individual Loan aims to further assist graduated program members from its Group Loan Program and as well as new member from the micro enterprise segment by providing additional working capital to expand and further develop their existing businesses.

Agriculture Microfinance

The Agricultural Loan of KMBI exists to aid and develop the agricultural sector of the country by providing loans that will serve as working capital for farming or within the agricultural allied sector.

Non-Credit Products


Micro-insurance is an add-on service given to the program members of the organization. Along with the Group Loan and Capital Build-Up, all clients aged 18 to 63 years of old are required to enrol in this program to be protected in cases of death in the family. Offered under this service are death insurance and burial benefits.

Capital Build Up (CBU)

Capital Build-Up is an opportunity for program members to begin accumulating their own financial resources and lessen their vulnerability to crisis and dependence on outside credit sources. It is also a reserve fund that a member may use as additional capital for the existing business, or capital for a new business when she retires from the program.