Since 1986, KMBI has been helping poor Filipino women microentrepreneurs to have access to loans, insurance and capital build-up. From serving 37 clients, it now serves more than 160,000 women all over the country with its 110 offices and more than 1200 staff.

In the heart of its microfinance operations is the compassion to serve and facilitate transformation beginning with these women. KMBI puts a premium on values formation, capacity building and women empowerment.

Our Vision

To see people in communities live in abundance with strengthened faith in God and in right relationship with their fellowmen and the rest of creation.

Our Mission

KMBI is a Christ-centered development organization existing to advocate and work for the integral transformation of the lives of low-income people and their communities, by providing responsive sustainable microfinance and non-financial services.

Core Values

Christian Faith

People's Well-being

Good Governance

Continuous Improvement


ARISE KMBI! Journey to 40 and Beyond

Five Strategic Directions

Actively Share Christ and Promote Christian Values

Respond through Business Diversification and Market Segmentation

Integrate Digital Transformation

Strengthen Human Capital, Institutional Leadership and Board Governance

Ensure Sustainability of KMBI