Maxima Calud

Business Location:
North Cotabato
Sari-Sari Store and Hanging Nets

As the adage goes, “disability does not equal inability.” This is what the story of Maxima Calud from Kabacan, North Cotabato, wants to tell us. Despite her blindness, Maxima makes and sells hanging nets to make ends meet. Her husband, Joaquin Calud, serves as her eyes and helped her establish their own Sari-Sari store.

Because of her disability, Maxima is often shut out of basic livelihood opportunities. She related that some lending institutions are doubtful of her ability to generate enough income to pay off her loan. But with KMBI, her disability did not hinder her chance of getting additional capital. She used the loan she got from KMBI to expand her business.

A proud member of KMBI, Maxima produces at least 12 dozens of orchid and flower baskets in a day. Her products have already reached prominent areas like Manila, Leyte and Cebu. She also owns a piggery and takes care of the livestock daily. Through regular center meetings, Maxima was able to meet genuine friends in the form of her fellow Program Members.

Maxima is an inspiration to her neighbors, customers and business partners. She exudes positivity despite difficulties and gives off a vibe that inspires people to accept what they can’t do and work on what they can.

In a gathering of KMBI Program Members last December, Maxima was given opportunity to speak to her fellow Program Members and facilitate a livelihood training. With the help of her family, she shared with other Program Members the how-tos of weaving hanging nets. Despite her disability, she possesses deep willingness in helping her fellows create a living.

With her four children, one whom is currently pursuing Nursing, Maxima envisions all of them finishing their studies and reaching the top of their dreams. She does not find her current situation a reason to lose hope; instead, it teaches her to push forward for her family.

Maxima may be deprived of sight, but she can certainly see opportunities in the face of handicap.

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